Keema has been instrumental in helping me cope with emotional challenges and hormonal imbalances. She has helped a great deal with my chronic back pain and has helped me reach and maintain a level of balance in body, mind and spirit. Keema was caring and compassionate pre and postnatal and remains a pivotal part of my health and wellbeing.
— HS, mom and holistic nutritionist
While practicing as a Registered Midwife in Vancouver (and now as a Reiki practitioner), I started referring clients to Keema Shield, 6 years ago - usually with difficult health concerns of body or mind. Consistently, pregnant women, who also referred their partners, friends, and family, have found relief from their condition and powerful healing. Especially, what I frequently saw post treatment was their renewed faith and dedication to their own well being. I had to have a session with Keema myself to see what people were describing so enthusiastically. First, the setting for her practice is an oasis of calm and I felt wrapped in a cocoon of peace and caring. After thorough examination the source of my affliction was found, and the precise treatment led to healing that affected my whole being. The pool of gratitude for Keema’s care is vast!
— Patti Thompson, midwife
For over 10 years, Keema has been more than just my acupuncturist. She is my recovery specialist, intuitive mind reader, eating advisor, pain eliminator, life coach, inspiring role model, and my go-to angel for a variety of ailments.

Keema delivers her services with a compassion, insight, down-to-earth casualness that I feel reaches beyond the needles. I hesitate to tell others – she might get too popular to fit me in!
— EW, business owner
Working with Keema has given me more peace and confidence than I ever could have imagined. Granted, I did start seeing her to balance my heart, soul and mind – it was what I was looking for, and somehow I knew she would help me. I still remember the first time I saw Keema when I was actually physically ill. She looked at me and said ‘why didn’t you come sooner? I can help you get rid of the cold’. It hadn’t occurred to me, but of course she was right. Keema has a way of bringing out whatever it is that needs to be dealt with, in a safe and comfortable environment. By ‘environment’ I am not referring to the comfy treatment rooms (they are comfy), but to her manner. You immediately know you are safe in her hands. I know there are things I’ve experienced that I could not have handled anywhere near as well without Keema’s support, and for this I am eternally grateful. I cannot imagine my life without this safe place and friendship – it helps keep me grounded, balanced, healthy and happy.
— LC, project manager
When two separate personal friends spoke about their wonderful experiences working with Keema, I thought it was a great coincidence that these two trusted individuals, who didn’t know each other at the time, had both found their way to her. Which of course caused me to want to work with her myself! What initially began as me seeking help with general health and wellness, has developed into so much more—Keema has helped me cope with stress, exhaustion, and even deeper emotional challenges I thought I had dealt with but hadn’t fully released. I look forward to seeing her every month, because just being around her somehow makes you feel better!
— CO, producer
Keema came referred to us at a very low point in our fertility journey. We were trying our 3rd and final IVF and this was also our 2nd acupuncturist. Our experience with another acupuncturist had not been positive and we were very dubious about meeting Keema. How wrong we were. After our initial meeting with her, we knew right away she was the perfect fit. She was so compassionate and kind we felt at ease right away. What we liked about Keema was she was real. She didn’t promise the stars and moons, only that she would try her very best and she did. Keema worked every angle to increase our fertility chances. Also, Keema worked with us to make the experience of acupuncture as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We highly recommend Keema to our own friends and family regardless of their issue, we know she’ll be able to provide excellent care. Finally, with Keema’s assistance we did get pregnant and have two healthy twin boys.
— Jess and Sinead
Treatments with Keema have helped me stay grounded while moving through some of my darkest times. Her calm and caring demeanor creates a perfect space for healing and growth. Keema has an amazing gift and I will continue to recommend her to everyone I know.
— BK, photographer
My friend recommended I visit Keema after we discussed some stress and digestion issues I was having. I was skeptical of acupuncture but on my trusted friends recommendation I booked in for a consultation. Skip forward three years or so and I still see Keema from time to time and have absolutely been converted to the benefits of acupuncture and recommended Keema’s services to friends and colleagues. Keema has taught me many things about how the human body functions, she really listens to what you say, will call me out on my BS (“no really, I haven’t been working as much lately”), can tell me symptoms I’m experiencing before I can even express them and just really knows what she is doing. I don’t really understand how acupuncture provides the relief and effects that it does and quite frankly, I don’t care. All I know is if you’re interested in feeling physically better, book in to see Keema, stat.
— CM, project manager
I hope you already know this, but I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your treatments and care. You are the reason my PMS is manageable, and I can’t express how much that means to me, especially after struggling for so many years. I know that you see me at my worst every month, and I always leave feeling so much better. You really have a gift for reading and balancing energy, and I feel lucky to have you as my TCM.
— TB, teacher